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20 April 2021

How to use bluetooth?

In a terminal, type bluetoothctl then power on. Do you get a message like "no default controller available" ?

- execute bluetoothctl

- then type power on

- scan on


- if using a device without a PIN, one may need to manually trust the device before it can reconnect successfully. To do so, type trust MAC_OF_DEVICE

- connect MAC_OF_DEVICE

- make sure your system and all packages are up to date

- make sure your bluetooth firmware is installed

- make sure the bluetooth module is loaded (run rmmod btusb then modprobe btusb)

- check that there is no options preventing your bluetooth to be activated in your Bios

- check that your bluetooth is not blocked by rfkill

- in Archlinux, using the deprecated bluez-utils-compat in lieu of bluez-utils can help in some situations

- try adding the kernel parameter btusb.enable_autosuspend=n

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